Is Your Medical Cover Transportable?

Is Your Medical Cover Transportable?

By “Transportable”, I mean – if you one day decide to leave the area where you are covered, can you take it with you?

I know you’re thinking “But I can get a state medical plan like the NHS or something.” Oh well smarty-pants, then this article is not for you. You can stop reading this one and go and find an article that’s relevant to you.

But if you said something like “I’m not taking it with me. I’m going to cancel it and buy another private medical plan when I’m there!”

Waaait a second! Easy Tiger. It’s not that simple.

Well it is that simple but there is a potential serious caveat you may want to consider if you have (or may have) any medical condition prior to joining the new plan – especially current and ongoing conditions.

When you buy a new plan, unless the plan is a medical history disregarded plan or you can apply for pre-existing medical conditions cover, your pre-existing and related medical conditions will NOT be covered.

Sorry, that’s just how they work.

So, if you are planning on leaving one day, make sure the plan you buy now is transportable or can be converted to another product on a “no worse terms” basis or “continuous transfer terms” basis.

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