Table of Benefits

Annual Benefit Limits*10◦N20◦N30◦N
Annual Benefit Limits$100,000$200,000$300,000
GP Consultations15 per year20 per year25 per year
Physiotherapy Sessions15 per year20 per year25 per year
Optical Appliances$1,000$1,500$2,000
Medicines and Drugs$2,200$2,800$3,300
Psychiatric Care$1,799$2,398$3,597
Radiology & ImagingPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Pathology (In-Patient)Paid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Patholgy (Out-Patient)$1,000$1,500$2,000
Special Benefits
External Appliances$6,000$8,000$10,000
Hearing Aid$1,000$1,500$2,000
Road/Air AmbulancePaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Funeral Services$1,100$1,300$2,100

Waiting periods apply to use of routine benefits:

– 6 months for routine dental services

– 6 months for optical appliances (benefit available every 2 years)

– 12 months waiting period for use of maternity benefits

– 12 months waiting period for routine, wellness and good health check ups


  • All claims are subject to settlement at reasonable and customary rates
  • All benefits are pro-rated accordingly if the join date is after January
  • Members can use private facilities in Zimbabwe and other territories as listed in the terms & conditions
  • New members are required to pay three months contributions on enrolment
  • Orthodontic benefits are subject to board approval
  • The hearing aid benefit is available once every 5 years
  • The costs of drugs available as over the counter purchases cannot be claimed
  • A $10 excess (charged to the member) applies on each general practitioner, dental and optical consultation claim
  • Rates and benefits are subject to change with notice being given. Date of last revision: April 2021
  • Correct at the time of going to print as per month indicated.