The purpose of Medical Aid and Health Insurance is to provide you with the Financial Security that your medical bills are covered while giving you Peace of Mind that you have access to the best medical care when the need arises.

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Products that cover medical bills are generally subdivided into various plans.

Most plans start with a Standard Hospital Plan which is the cheapest plan but covers the most important benefits you need on a medical plan such as Hospitalisations for medical emergencies and elective (non-emergency) treatment as well as Air Ambulance Evacuations.           

From there, more and more benefits are added per plan – all the way up to Comprehensive Plus type plans that pay for out-patient treatment also known as day-to-day expenses.


The above is for illustration purposes only and not exactly how all Medical Aid and Health Insurance products are designed. You will be issued with the relevant Benefit Table and Policy Wording for your perusal and consideration when you request a quotation.

Note #1: The more benefits you choose to have covered on your plan, the more expensive your premiums will be. For example, your premium can double between a Standard Hospital Plan and a Comprehensive Plus type plan. 

Note #2: In our opinion, although it is the cheapest option, the Standard Hospital Plan type of cover is the most essential plan to purchase because this is where you are most at risk regarding unaffordable medical bills as explained in the video.


If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please Contact Us and we will assist with any queries you have.

The age limit depends on the insurance company you have chosen. The maximum age limit is 54 – 74 years old depending on the product. However, your cover will not be cancelled when you reach that age.

Generally speaking, health insurance and medical aid is designed to cover new conditions that arise after the date of joining.

Therefore, most companies will not cover pre-existing and its related medical conditions. However, some will cover pre-existing medical conditions but with a loading that can range from 10% to 40% of premium.

Others will cover the pre-existing condition and its related conditions after a 24- month rolling moratorium. In layman’s terms, a 24-month rolling Moratorium means you must be symptom and advice free for a continuous 24 months before they will consider covering your pre-existing medical condition.

Some companies will cover dangerous sports & hobbies and others won’t. Most that do, will load your premium.

a) You’re over the maximum age of joining.

b) You’re too unhealthy.

c) If you have not provided the relevant information and documentation when applying for cover.

a) You do not pay your premium in full and on time.
b) It is determined that you have falsified or omitted information on your application form.
c) Your claim is in any way fraudulent.
d) When you relocate to a country outside of your area of cover.
The Terms and Conditions of your chosen plan will explain in full detail when and why your cover will be cancelled. Please read it carefully.

This is a subjective question. The best cover for you will be determined by your unique needs and circumstances. Our consultants will help you decide after you have requested a Quote.

Your premium increases because of “Medical Inflation”.

What is Medical Inflation?

The term ‘Medical Inflation’ refers to medical trends and developments, and the increase in cost to support them. This often includes the cost of advances in treatments and procedures, and the increased availability and usage of them.

Treatment is getting more expensive

New drugs, new treatments, new technology – these lifesaving innovations are great for everyone and help to make healthcare more effective. It means that we’ve never had a better chance at surviving serious illness, such as heart disease and cancer; however, it all comes at an increased cost.

We are living longer

The global population is ageing and with age, often comes illness, so with such a large proportion of the global population over the age of 65, we expect to see more people relying on their health insurance to help with their conditions as they get older.

We are getting bigger

Obesity and a lack of physical activity is commonplace in many countries around the world which has its knock-on effects of poor health costing more and more each year to treat.

It’s not our intent to take business away from anyone. Nevertheless, it is your prerogative where you place your business. To move the business over to us, please Contact Us and tell us what product and plan you are currently covered on. If we support that product, we’ll email you a “Letter of Appointment” asking you to sign it and send it back to us and we’ll gladly take you on as a client. This process usually takes 1 working day.


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