Individual & Family Quote Questionnaire

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Our top-tier medical plans are carefully designed to provide you with the best medical coverage available, reducing or completely avoiding any gaps. This means you get better financial protection for medical treatments, both locally and in South Africa.

Seamlessly Discover Your Ideal Health Plan Below

More than a decade ago, we crafted the specialised questionnaire below which is designed to pinpoint the most suitable plan for our clients. It’s a brief survey that takes merely 7 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire enables us to gain deeper insights into your requirements, allowing us to recommend one or two plans that align perfectly with your needs. Please answer all the questions accurately. The more detailed and accurate your answers are, the easier it is for us to identify what you’re looking for.

Upon completing the questionnaire, we will review your responses and provide you with tailored advice. This ensures that together, we select the most appropriate health plan for you.