One of the most common questions asked in Zimbabwe is: “Which is the best Medical Aid?”

You’ll see responses like Alliance Health, CellMed, CIMAS, BonVie, Fidelity, PSMAS, Generation Health, AETNA, Health International, BUPA or any other Medical Aid Society or Health Insurer that comes to mind.

But that’s the WRONG answer because it’s based on an opinion and not on facts or any form of in-depth analyses of your personal needs, lifestyle, circumstances, and budget.

What’s best for someone else, is not necessarily best for you!

When it comes to something as important as Medical Cover, the CORRECT answer should always be…

“The best Medical Aid plan for you depends on your unique needs, your circumstances, your lifestyle and obviously your budget!

Because of all the different opinions of what is the “best”, there are way too many people making the wrong choice based on the wrong advice from the wrong people.

And that’s where my 22 years of experience steps in.


Hi, my name is Sean Steyn. I’ve been helping people like yourself find the Best Medical Cover for over 20 years.

Speaking from experience, when it comes to finding the best Medical Aid Plan for you, there are only 2 Viable Options available – both are listed below.

OPTION 1 (Best Option)

This is by far the least stressful and easiest way of finding Medical Cover in Zimbabwe because it drastically reduces the time it takes to identify the best medical plan and it removes all the stress and confusion...for no extra cost.

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OPTION 2 (Good option but costly)

Read my Free Guide and Do It All Yourself

Warning: Do not attempt to “Do It Yourself” without reading my Guide. Nevertheless, even with all the research I’ve done for you, this is still the most time consuming and most stressful option to finding the best Medical Cover.

The Guide will help you choose the right cover for you. And if you already have Medical Cover, the Guide will help you identify whether or not you’re on the right Medical Cover.

Because you don’t know what Benefits must be on your Benefit Table and what Exclusions and Clauses must NOT be in your Plan Agreement, DO NOT buy or renew your Medical Cover until you read this FREE Guide.

What you will find in this guide?

1. The 19 Critical Questions you should ask before Buying or Renewing you Medical Cover.

2. The Most Important Benefits that should be on your benefit table to ensure you’re covered adequately.

3. How To Save a small fortune on premiums.

4. The one mistake you should never make when appling for Medical Cover

5. The various Exclusion Clauses that should never be in your Plan Agreement

6. Why you may have to pay your medical bills even if you are covered and how to avoid paying out of pocket.

7. How NOT to choose a Medical Plan

Provide us with the following details and we’ll email it to you within 10 minutes.

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

“I met with the IHC team and in no time I knew I was in very good hands. Their professional service, friendliness and vast knowledge of the industry will give you the peace of mind that you are in good hands. I have no hesitation to recommend them.” – Fausto Carbone

“I would like to thank the IHC team for all the batting they do on our behalf. We appreciate that they always go the extra mile and therefore highly recommend them.” – Ross McLeod

“IHC always helps to keep things running smoothly. Laureen and Laura are warm, friendly, efficient, and helpful. In every instance, they go the extra mile in getting claims paid and authorization for anything necessary. Their service makes life so much easier.” – Joe Cruger

“We as a family have been with IHC for many years and cannot tell you how grateful we have been with the service, efficiency and kindness we have received from Laura and Laureen. They have always sorted out our problems and pre-authorization claims immediately. Thank you to you all, it is so encouraging in these times knowing you are there to help us.” – Barbara Eastwood